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Eagle Claw

Lazer Sharp L197GH-5/0 Circle Offset Hook, Sea Guard, Size 5/0 Hook

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Lazer Sharp 5/0 Circle Offset Hook, Sea Guard. Lazer Sharp Hooks. The patented Lazer Sharp needlepoint and forged technology ensures a sharper, stronger, longer hold than the leading competition. The ultra-sharp and super durable needlepoint hook point featured on all Lazer Sharp hooks along with purpose built, technique specific hook designs can improve hook up ratio and presentation.

  • All Eagle Claw Hooks, including Lazer Sharp, are made from high carbon steel. 
  • Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Fish Hooks are built to withstand and meet the needs of demanding anglers, from beginners to tournament anglers alike. 
  • Time tested heat treating process ensures hooks are strong and durable. 
  • Hooks are thoughtfully plated with the appropriate material for each use case, increasing durability. 
  • Careful and deliberate engineering ensures hooks are well suited to the task at hand, whether employing a technique specific hook or something more versatile for broader uses. 

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