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3rd Coast Fishin and Tackle

6' Beach Bomber Elite Series Leaders

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  •       We have teamed up with one of the biggest YouTubers in the fishing game to bring you Beach Bombers Fishing Signature Elite Series Leaders. These all blacked out full cable leaders give that sleek, stealthy look as well as keeping the 3rd Coast Fishin and Tackle quality at the for front of the Elite Series Leaders so that fish have no chance of getting away.
  • MADE IN THE USA: This Product was made by hand in a small town called Tomball,TX U.S.A. by real fishermen who love what they do and do what they love.... and that's fishing.
  • READY TO GO: This rig includes all you need to catch, SHARK and other big game such as Grouper, Stingray, and many others. If your looking for a leader with casting in mind then this is the rig for you!!!!!!
  • FISH SAFE: All steel that may enter the fish will not be stainless steel which is illegal in some states.
  • HARDWARE: 20/0, 18/0, or 16/0 Circle Hook on 480 LB Stainless Steel braided cable, 300 LB swivel and snap swivel, beads, strong aluminum crimps that are heat shrunk for line protection.
  • AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE: The guys at 3rd Coast Fishin use this gear as they travel along the gulf coast (AKA 3rd Coast) in search of land base shark and other huge fish so this stuff has been vigorously tested.
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